10 Questions: The Book Thieves.

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We caught up with Ole-Mac & Legoman, on the tail end of a successful debut release “In Spite Of Everything” under their collective project The Book Thieves. Both these characters come across as genuine and laid back, but both know how to throw some lyrical weight around. We were so impressed with the debut we had to lift up some dirt on these two, have a butchers at the results and be sure to check the Video for “Please Don’t”
1.Where in the Uk are you situated and who do you represent?
Ol-e Mac: I currently reside from Oxford, and have been Oxford based for the large majority of my life. I am one half of The Book Thieves.
Legoman: I grew up in Bristol but moved to Oxford in my late teens. Been living in London on and off since around 2005. I’m the other half of the Book Thieves which me and Ol-e formed after linking on the Oxford scene.
2.Favourite Producer(s)?
Ol-e Mac: It’s hard to pinpoint a particular producer for me; I like a diverse range of styles and subgenres within Hip Hop. I’d have to say Dilla, purely based on the amount of time I’ve spent listening to his material.
Legoman: So many I like! It does depend on my mood like most things, but in terms of producers I respect the most J-Zone would have to be up there. His sampling is crazy – that track ‘Orphan Babies’ continues to blow my mind.
3.Dream Collaboration?
Ol-e Mac: Shit, this always varies. Top 3: Pharoahe Monch, Action Bronson and Blu
Legoman: Difficult one! Right now I’m going to go with Slug from Atmosphere, Inspectah Deck and Farma G.
4.Who within the scene inspires you?
Ol-e Mac: Braintax was a big inspiration for me when first being introduced to the scene. However there are obviously countless others who provided inspiration. As of now, I am hyped with how much work the High Focus team are putting in.
Legoman: I remember buying that Wordlab 2 CD which had killer tracks from Braintax and Mystro, Taskforce and Scor-zay-zee and it was these rappers that inspired me to start rhyming. Anyone making good music inspires me and two of my favorite albums of last year were definitely Jehst ‘Dragon of an Ordinary Family’ and Leaf Dog’s ‘From a Scarecrows Perspective’.
5.What influences you most of all when writing?
Ol-e Mac: I tend to just phase out throughout a day and try and structure something around what I’m thinking at the time. Mostly just everyday life, past experiences, relationships. Anything really.
Legoman: I’ve just had quite a difficult 6 months, but I definitely feel that I have been writing some of my best stuff. So, I guess when times are really pushing me is when I most feel like I’ve got something to say, or I feel passionate enough about something that I’m desperate to get it down on the page.
6.Favorite Written Bar of all time?
Ol-e Mac: Probably that Big L bar: “My game is, vicious and cool, fuckin chicks is a rule. If my girl think I’m loyal then that bitch is a fool”
Legoman: Definitely Masta Killa: “Light is provided through sparks of energy from the mind that travels in rhyme form, Givin sight to the blind”
7. What’s your latest release and where can we Cop it?
Legoman: Our latest release is our EP ‘In Spite Of Everything…’ which you can download for free from our Bandcamp. We are getting physical copies produced that we hope to make readily available.
8.What are your future Ambitions/goals ?
Ol-e Mac: I think the main goal is to now focus on our next release and to make sure it’s the best and most diverse material we can put out.
Legoman: Yeah we really want our next EP to blow people away so we are not going to rush it. We are working with some sick producers and are sorting out some dope collabs. It should be a good one!
9.Have you ever tried Graffiti or Bbyoying?
Ol-e Mac: Used to dabble in graff, never breakin’ but I’ve always been into skateboarding and have a massive passion for that!
Legoman: Tried both and failed miserably!
10.Lastly Any big ups or shout downs?
Ol-e Mac: Big up Wordplay Magazine and big up anyone who is able to write, record or perform dope music!
Legoman: Massive props to Wordplay Magazine for their support and everybody out there writing and performing. As Master Ace says ‘never give up!’