Piff Prankz: Tea Breaks & Zoot Beats

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4255055985-1Introducing PiffPrankz with his debut release – ‘Tea Breaks and Zoot Beats’. I will be honest, when I first checked this, the initial thought that struck me was “oh great, another ganja inspired project”. On top of that,I also thought the cover read ‘Teq breaks’ instead of ‘Tea breaks’ which threw me off even more. So really you could say this was not a very good start to a first listen. However, after kicking back and actually listening to what PiffPrankz had to offer, all first opinions were thrown straight out of the window.

The 13 tracks of instrumental wonder is an experimental project for the producer who wanted to make a “strictly no bullshit” unique style. After a few listens to this beat tape, you can really start to get a taste for exactly what sound he is trying to create. This seriously chilled listen uses a bundle of boom bap beats that pull you in with ease. Some tracks more than others really stuck out that deserve a mention. ‘Celestial Temple Sativa Blowin’ Dreams in our Vapour’ literally slapped me across the face (in a good way) when I firstly listened to it. In a similar way to Kerem Fraiche’s ‘Squashed’ instrumental for Jam Baxter and Verb T, the delicate piano works so beautifully. It is also tracks like ‘Associate of a Synapse’ that really show the chillin’ vibes PiffPrankz has to offer. ‘Burn’a’Beat’ is another one that caught my attention. The sweet summer sound made me want to throw on my sunglasses and sit out in the garden despite it only being February.

This is a ‘name your price’ on Band Camp so get downloading and show some support. Even just as an experiment, this tight collection of instrumentals is an ace start for this guy. Plus, despite my original cynical opinion of the title of this release, I soon came to admit just how fitting it actually was.

Review By Abi Lewis