Mosik – Come Alive

The intro to Mosik mixtape ‘Come Alive’ is an intriguing twitter of exotic bird calls coupled with strange reversed vocals that does not indicate the direction this mix is headed. When track 2 ‘Come Alive’ kicks in it’s immediately apparent …
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Granville Sessions – Forward

The debut release of ‘No State’ made a heavy impact to our music collection in 2011, and it has become very clear that Granville Sessions ‘Forward’ follows suit perfectly
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Rejjie Snow – Rejovich

19 year old Dubliner, Rejjie Snow is set to break the ranks with his debut EP ‘Jelovich’ which drops today! Unfortunately, Rejjie’s first EP ‘Fish and Chips’ was deleted by a friend and never to be heard again! So for …
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Azizi Gibson – Ghost In The Shell

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the words, “Hip-Hop?” I asked a survey, of 4 people, and it turns out that 0% of the British public think of G-Funk when verbally Rorschach’d. Aside from niftily …
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Smellington Piff – Smellington Piff EP

It’s finally here, unsurprisingly in no rush as you’d probably guessed from the name we finally have a release from RLD resident Smellington Piff after a recent feature on the ‘2 da Roach’ album and several festival, gig and YouTube …
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The Last Skeptik – Thanks For Trying

Hugely talented rapper/producer/DJ- The Last Skeptik returns with a new album “Thanks For Trying”. Through BBE Music. Four years in the making has resulted in a first-rate collection of hip-hop instrumental compositions compiled with aesthetic beats and breaks. “Those Ones” …
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Bill Sykes – Sykes LP0002

Despite the catchy title, this is Manchester emcee Bill Sykes’ first solo LP and TNC’s third release. The uplifting synth swirls and plinky-plonk pianos that make up the first 30 seconds of ‘Sykes’ give way to slow motion horns, drums …
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Mr. Muthafuckin' eXquire

Mr Muthafuckin Exquire – Kismet

I am not a big fan of this album but like the man says on opening track ‘The Cauldron’, “I don’t need nobody’s approval…” so I guess that’s okay. The vast majority of the tracks here have a tendency to …
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action bronson review

Action Bronson – SAAB Stories (Prod. Harry Fraud)

Action Bronson continues his relentless onslaught of releases with his second EP following a stream of mixtapes and independent releases. This latest offering sees him link up with producer Harry Fraud and with features from Wiz Khalifa, Prodigy of Mobb …
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10 Questions with – Djoe The Architect

State Your Name & Where You’re Hailing From My name’s DJoe The Architect, and I’m currently based in Barcelona. I was born in London though and have lived a good number of years in France too. What Do You Do? …
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Sniff & Morriachi

Sniff & Morriarchi – Brainwave Canvas

Emcee Sniff and producer Morriarchi come correct with their new album and at 11 tracks it’s able to give concise vision to the stories they tell and atmosphere they build. I must confess I confused Morriarchi’s name with Professor Moriarty …
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hodgy beats review pic

Hodgy Beats – Untitled 2 (EP)

After a sixteen month silence as a solo artist, Hodgy Beats, one of the original members of the infamous Odd Future collective and one half of Mellowhype duo, recently released the follow up to last year’s Untitled EP. The production …
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leviticus review

Joe Blow & Ral Duke – Leviticus

Joe Blow and Ral Duke are two emcees from South Wales who, together with producer Qred and DJ Jaffa, have created eight horror-film-inspired, suspense-filled, misanthropic tracks that make up ‘Leviticus’ Musically and stylistically, this EP is reminiscent of some of …
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K.I.N.E.T.I.K & Kuroisoul: Hip Hop Is Forever

A chance encounter through an online message board brought London based artist K.I.N.E.T.I.K and the California dwelling beatsmith Kuroisoul together. As mail and music digitally flew transatlantic, collaborations began to take shape; culminating in a two-week trip stateside that resulted …
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Bruce Gramma – Insert Coin(s) to Continue

Radiating the airwaves this week is Watford based Bruce Grammar with an excellent first full length offering following his work with Killamari Records. This time on Rhyme Pad Records Bruce delivers tight bars over production from Termite, Kal-Q-lus, Blazey and …
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