Twizzy – Big Bag Of Bullshit

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Fresh from a successful tour alongside fellow label members and the legend that is Chester P, Twizzy hasn’t allowed this to stop him from adding to the growing number of notable releases to come from Bristol based label Abnoxshuz Entertainment.

As one third of the Three Headed Beast (with Jinxsta Jx & M.A.B) and the star of the Baileys Brown Musical series Twizzy returns this week with another free download, a witty jab at society in general, this is ‘Big Bag Of Bullshit’.

Fully loaded with quality and direction, highlighted by the collaboration with infinitely talented New Zealand born artist Flaky Chump (, this release soars above mere mixtape status, the closest thing yet to a full album from the Bristol families’ most prominent member.

As an honest account of Twizzy’s despairing opinions of the world around us and the struggles that the greater number of people face on a daily basis, ‘Big Bag Of Bullshit’ is released with the sole intent of getting this verbal account of a one man’s experiences across to an open minded audience in the hope that something will change, someday.

A punchy intro ‘Don’t Want A Part Of That’ precedes the title track ‘Big Bag Of Bull’ the first of two from guest producer 2 Deep. As classic kick/snare rhythm begins to combine with a constant selection of soothing samples and as the grip is tightened this allows space to focus on the message, the advice and musings of this troubled character are summarised towards the end of the chorus. ‘There’s no question, or chance of an investment, I guess this is it until I collect my state pension’ is Twizzy’s bleak summary of his expected future.

In contrast to the previous tune the harder hitting ‘Kidding Me’ (think Snoop ft Xzibit – Bitch Please) kicks things into another gear, the wide range of beats selected for ‘Big Bag Of Bullshit’ proving the ability of Twizzy to comfortably flow over differing styles whilst maintaining his poignancy and character throughout.

The outstanding moment of the project ‘Feel How I Feel’ is pure quality Hip Hop. Calm, composed drums and a collapsing/rising sample combo (very DJ Premier like) surround a serious set of values found within the humorous bars. ‘Stand up if you feel how I feel’ is the positive call to others struggling followed in quick succession by a warning to those who chose to bring the unwanted negativity (otherwise known as haters) to ‘Sit down, if you wish to run ya mouth’.

Completing the theme of Twizzy’s dim view on the world around us and highlighting his determination to stand up and make his voice one for change, ‘Unforgivable’ is another track laced with messages for all to consider. The second track produced by 2 Deep summarises the project and its intent to spread the words ‘F**k the world, (politicians), that’s official, cash flow, spreads hate, makes victims, there’s no one out here that’s really livin, all I see is bullshit, Unforgivable!’.

A more focused Twizzy makes a welcome return with this clever, finely tuned release. Mastered by JCA and mixed by the MC himself ‘Big Bag Of Bullshit’ has quality bursting from each carefully constructed seam.

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Review By Craig Palmer @ginga9