10 Questions: Charlie Mac

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State Your Name & Where You’re Hailing From

Charlie Mac – Chalk Farm

What Do You Do?

Producer / Worker Drone

What Upcoming Projects Do You Have In The Pipeline?

I’ve just produced an album for Ramson Badbonez, ‘A Year In The Life Of Oscar The Slouch’ which is out on High Focus Records 9th of December 2013. I have lots of other top secret stuff in the pipeline.

What Song/ Album Made You Fall In Love With Hip Hop?

Black Moon – Enter Da Stage , Wu Tang – 36 Chambers, Busta Rhymes – The Coming… Too many to mention

What One Track Do You Wish You Had Made?

Chaz & Dave – Rabbit

Dead Or Alive, What Would Be Your Dream Collaboration?

Big Pun, Big L, Kool G Rap, Rakim, Keith Murray & Party Arty on the hook

Who Are You Listening To At The Moment? / Who Should We Be Looking Out For?

Look out for The Three Headed Beast album coming next year, Taskforce – MFTC 5, Diligent Fingers, Rag N Bone Man, Row.D,

Name one thing you do that makes you feel old?

Making beats in my dressing gown

Being 100% Honest, What’s Your Guilty Listening Pleasure?

Bulgarian barber shop doo wop,

Will You Take On The Editors Challenge?

Musicians are often labelled as artists so we’re putting this to the test! Draw us a quick self-portrait.


Any Final Shout-Outs?

My Abnoxshuz Entertainment Family, Ramson, Fliptrix & the whole High Focus fam





Grab a copy of ‘ A Year in the Life Of Oscar The Slouch http://bit.ly/IMtexx