Lewis Parker & EastKoast – MK Ultra (Operation Hypnosis)

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Having hypnotised the hip-hop community for the past 20 years like a much cooler Paul McKenna (respect), London born producer, Lewis Parker teams up with Harlem wordsmith, EastKoast to advantageously fiddle with our hip-hop loving ears through their debut collaborative effort, MK Ultra (Operation Hypnosis) – an LP that’ll have you head nodding yourself into a dusty spasm, as it gloriously melts your face off through the power of musical seduction, akin to the golden era and all things native to EastKoast’s stomping ground.

Spanning 10 tracks across a 35-minute period, MK Ultra (Operation Hypnosis) takes influence from an old (and now very illegal) CIA mind control program, that basically consisted of feeding test subjects copious amounts of drugs to see if they’d “spill the beans” whilst under the influence. Playing on this idea, Parker controls our minds by replacing the drugs with jazz infused beats that drown us in soulful drum kicks, all whilst being complimented by the beat hugging bars of Eastkoast. The Harlem emcee moulds the brain with expert deliberation, naturally showcasing styles so fitting to his hood, shades of an old school Harlem legend, Big L, begin to come through as EastKoast impressively oils up multisyllabic bars across track such as L.A. to New York and Bank Robbery.

Being released on King Underground, a label firmly rooted with the old school ethics of wax and limited releases, helps the LP’s cause by drawing in respected figures to help spit over Parker’s beats – industry vets such as, El Da Sensei, of the influential boom bap/graffiti crew, Artifacts and the seminal Shabaam Sahdeeq feature amongst others throughout, solidifying the already sturdy structure laid out by Parker and EastKoast. With MK Ultra (Operation Hypnosis), both Parker and EastKoast have created an LP that fits perfectly into the spectrum of hip-hop and impresses throughout, hypnotising on meta-McKenna levels.

Bobby Simcox