Love Saves The Day @ Eastville Park, Bristol

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Love Saves The Day 2015

What a weekend that was, eh? Not only did the weather stay up to shine throughout majority of the weekend but the Love Saves The Day crew put on another memorable festival yet again.


Upon arrival to the festival it was clear to see that the popularity had grown dramatically. From when it was being held in Castle Park to only being able to attend to a few thousand, Eastville Park was completely chockablocked from top to bottom. The sun was out, the stages were open, the bars were holding queues up to an hour long and the mood was set. Saturday was an eye-opening scene for many reasons; each stage had a custom theme and every stall offered something more exotic and refreshing than the last. The carefully picked food stalls would leave even the fussiest of eaters’ taste buds tingling. From watching octopus and spaceman duels, to seeing people getting married by the most craziest of all priests, it was set to be a magical weekend.


Kicking it off smoothly for us were the smaller stages for now, creating the mood for some nice Dub to get everyone going for the day. The Just Jack stage had talent from all over gracing the stage. The two bigger stages, Cloud 9 and Paradiso, held names such as George Fitzgerald, Jackmaster, Hannah Wants and Gorgon City and had our attention for a lot of the Saturday. While the main stage did hold it down, the sheer growth of the festival encapsulated our attention and the development from last year to this years scale was one to really take in. Music at times felt like it stood in the shadow of everything else, which by any means wasn’t a bad thing, especially with the challenge of dancing under the scorching glare of the sun.


Jessie Ware ended the night with a bang as Julio Bashemore warmed up the crowd for her. Minus a few technical hiccups it was an all rounded good start/end to the day/weekend. Sunday started off with a bit of rain and the weather continued with an eerie feel about it, but that didn’t seem to stop the residents and travellers from piling in. It seemed to get even busier on the sunday (as if we thought that was going to be possible at all). People flooded in from all directions and what better reason too? From acts such as Ratking, Grand Master Flash, Newham Generals, Four Tet, Skepta and many more gracing the stages, it was set to be a belter!


We managed to catch a fair few sets but it was the crowd that enticed us throughout the humid day. Bopping around from crowd to crowd meeting people it was clear to see the similarity between everyone, no matter what planet they thought they were on, everyone had a smile on their face. Everyone looked like they were genuinely happy to be there – and why the hell wouldn’t they?


The main stage made everyone lose their shit and throw all their material belongings in the air when every drop occurred. (courtesy of Eva Lazarus). Highlights were seeing the very talented Loyle Carner ride out the sunday afternoon with his smooth tracks from the very impressive A Little Late Ep. The crowd definitely vibed off the summer sounds and it didn’t take long to gather a crowd and get their feet moving. Ratking came to perform a very energetic set, (although a fair few of the crowd were still not sure what day it actually was) and it was obvious that they were feeling it as a few managed to scrape themselves off the moisture-ridden floor. It was Skepta who literally SHUTDOWN the whole festival with a very short 30 minute set. With a hiccup in the crowd witnessing two girls try to rip each others’ weaves out it was a very successful end to the night.

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