Dead Players – Freshly Skeletal

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Dead Players - Freshly Skeletal Front Cover

Whether they know it or not, Dead Players are at the front line of an eagerly expanding sub-genre, one which has its own unique attributes when compared to the classic American inspired sound we’re used too.

Jam Baxter would have to be one of my favourite artists within HF and I’m pleased with everything he takes on. I don’t know if it’s the rich tonality of his unusual voice or something else I can’t put my finger on, but I think it might be fair to say he’s a head above the rest.

Dabbla continues to be a legend in the scene. As part of both LDZ and Dead Players, he’s certainly not short of creative outlets. I did however find some of his work on the album slightly repetitive and was disappointed to not hear him try push the boundaries.

GhostTown again delivers well put together production. Ranging from feelings of anger, haziness and passion, I think the work he’s put into this album should be well remembered. When I look back on my adolescent years with my own children one day, Freshly Skeletal will not be far from the shelf when describing the controlled chaos of today’s underground music.

This latest album is exciting, fresh and inspired by the ever changing fashion of today’s popular culture; to turn against it and show the ability to rep something more, something real, something which indulges us with effortless energy and less ego, just. Bettering the debut, self titled release was always going to be tough but I’d recommend this to any High Focus disciple.The talent continues to flow and I can only imagine how much hard work went into producing the beautifully packaged end product.

All in all Dabbla and Baxter are a match made in musical heaven, and I’m sure they’ll continue to work together for years to come. We can only hope so.

Jessica Lauren Holmes

Dead Players Freshly Skeletal is out now. Get to the High Focus shop to get yours now!