WORDPLAY EXCLUSIVE STREAM – Badly Promoted Geniuses – Sorry Not Sorry

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snsYes yes people!
2016 is already firing on all cylinders, with hip-hop blasting the speakers loud and clear! Wordplay are VERY excited to introduce to you a new future super-crew made up of some the UKs most talented hidden gems….Badly Promoted Geniuses.

We could try and explain how this collection of rather dope miscreants, but they (in their own weird way) do it better:

In the formative chin wags that took place between the 6 members it became clear the groups intent would be to put the emphasis on fun with a view to actually enjoying music. What started as a 3-4 track EP snowballed into what now sits in your hand/CD player/Hard drive/wank sock – a giant 18ft inflatable middle finger placed on a flyover on the hip-hop highway that dares anyone to not lean out of the window of their moving rap car and ogle at its majesty while trying not to jack knife and kill everyone passing by in their metaphorical shitheap cars.

So! The gem that stands before you today is the 17 track strong Sorry. Not Sorry. A light hearted, nursery rhyme infused chunk of dirty hip-hop that will have you head nodding, laughing, and disgusted with yourself that you are listening to it! From the Barry White-esque vs. Biggie tones of Triple Dot, to the dodgy car salesmen twang of Skrabl, this project is a great start to 2016, and we hope you enjoy it, and no, don’t deconstruct or attempt to pimp another butterfly, this is raw hip-hop, so have some fun and look out for the album drop on January 9th from Bandcamp (we’ll drop the link on release day!)