Natty – Live At The Belgrave Music Hall – Leeds – 15/03/16

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nattyNatty, an insanely talented musician hailing from Finsbury Park in North London, has gained a significant reputation with his uplifting, positive musical output, which matches a reggae influence with mainstream appeal effortlessly, and he does it whilst completely maintaining his authenticity. Accompanied by The Rebelship, he touches down in Leeds at the Belgrave Music Hall to premiere tracks from his recently released second LP Release The Fear.

After a deep, intoxicating jam from the five piece band The Rebelship as they warm up, and allow the crowd to witness their first class musicianship while they do so, Natty casually strolls on stage, picks up his acoustic guitar and starts the set. As soon as the North London musician settles into his stride, the deep groove and catchy pop sensibilities meet in a perfect blend, executed flawlessly by every individual on the stage. The cool reggae of ‘Cold Town’ is enthralling, and Natty’s energy and charisma fills the room. The upbeat, positive anthems keep the crowd in constant motion, and ‘Street Lights’ receives loving reception in abundance. ‘Afrika’ is a standout, and the performance is gritty, intense and entirely captivating; passion, movement and obvious skill ooze from every corner of the Belgrave stage tonight, and Natty is putting on one hell of a show. ‘Coloured Souls’ and ‘Revolution’ too are great, and are prime examples of the raw passion that makes Natty so special. As the band take a break he continues to perform solo, and the intensity doesn’t drop in the slightest. The whole crowd is transfixed on his lone figure as he runs through ‘Say Bye Bye’ from his 2008 debut LP Man Like I, and the hypnotic and beautiful ‘Rain Clouds’ is another highlight. The Rebelship are truly terrific, playing as a unit with absolutely incredible energy. The drumming is impeccably solid from beginning to end, and the group’s bassist is having the time of his life. ‘I’m Alive’ is beautiful, with the crowd participation working a treat, and they finish an outstanding set with ‘Release The Fear’, the title track from Natty’s latest album release.

Tonight’s set is packed with ingenious and encapsulating musicality, soul and passion. Natty and The Fellowship put on a tremendous show, with beautifully crafted songs and unbelievable energy. If you ever get the chance, go and see these guys.

Sam Bennett