SOUNDSCI TAKEOVER – Day 1 – Connecting The Dots Part One: Diggin With Oxygen

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Welcome to the Soundsci takeover week at Wordplay!!!

Over the next 7 days we’re going to be providing you with some in depth insight into one of the finest cross-atlantic collaborations that we’ve seen in hip-hop. Consisting of 4 emcees, a core production team, a graphic artist and mixing / mastering wizard!

Audessey – vocals
U-George – vocals
Oxygen the Architect – vocals
Supasition – vocals
Jonny Cuba – production
Dj Ollie Teeba – production / cuts
Mr Krum – graphics
NoSleep Nigel – Mixing / mastering

SO! Here’s the plan!:
Monday 27th June – Connecting The Dots Part One: Diggin With Oxygen (video)
Tuesday 28th June – Interview with No-Sleep-Nigel (words)
Wednesday 29th June – Connecting The Dots Part Two: Protool’n with Audessey (video)
Thursday 30th June – The Art Of Soundsci – Exclusive interview with Mr.Krum (words)
Friday 1st July – Connecting The Dots Part Three: The Monk’s Work with DJ Ollie Teeba & JonnyCuba (video)
Saturday 2nd July – Connecting The Dots Part Four: Rhymes, Rhymes, Rhymes! With Audessey aka Jack Jones (video)
Sunday 3rd July – A day of rest!
Monday 4th July – The Wordplay Podcast – Soundsci Special

ANNNND if you stick with us for the week there’s a rather special music treat waiting for you!

So to kick things off we have the first in a series of exclusive videos giving a breakdown of how the Soundsci sound is created.

This whole week is to celebrate the long awaited release of Soundsci’s brand new project Walk The Earth, which is due for release on the 4th July. Also to remind you of / introduce you to the dopeness that is Soundsci!