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Oracy landed on our speakers last year with the release of her aptly named debut album Foot In the Door and is back once again with her brand new album Suttin Dubby, this time bringing a load more hip hop, with a blend of jungle, dnb and reggae inspired sounds.

You only need to delve into this album once before getting hooked to the lively beats brought to you by a whole host of producers, including Ghost Writerz very own Sleepy Time Ghost, Philly B and Orkim to name a few. Oracy once again proves she’s not shy when it comes to delivering her true thoughts and offers up some superb ‘level headed’ verses on situations we’ve all been too sheepish to point out. Most tracks will leave you with a smile on your face though and in some cases, may even get your brain box ticking over time.

Jump straight in with the title track Suttin Dubby and you’ll get an immediate flavour of what’s to come with a bouncy, jungle inspired beat courtesy of the highly acclaimed jungle producer, Sleepy Time Ghost. Tracks like Grounded and Dirty Habit also stand out for their brutally honest bars (something hard to come by these days) but to be truthful, there isn’t a single track on this release that deserves the skip button.

We had a quick chat with Oracy in the run up to her release to find out more about Suttin Dubby:

Where did the idea/inspiration for Suttin Dubby come about?

“I’ve always been an underlying Dubby head at heart, so the idea and inspiration has always been there. It was just a case of working my way towards it with my debut album Foot In The Door and waiting for the right producers, who all came through nicely.”

Favourite track off Suttin Dubby?

It’s real diverse and one of my favourite things about this album is there is a track for every mood – it just depends which one I’m in as to which is my favourite.

Shout outs:

Sleepy Time Ghost, Philly B, Subkinetik, Orkim, Hypno, Watusi, Crossbone T.
Black Day In July International, RhymePad, Suspect Packages, Just Got.
Jman and Inja…and my Mum!

Wordplay are excited to host the exclusive stream for this release just in time for Boombap Festival, so plug in, get listening and let us know what you think.