NEWS: Professor Green – Back On The Market drops tonight

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So, who remembers the hard hitting rhymes from Professor Green when he was on the battle scene, ripping up live sets and rapidly becoming a Worldwide threat? Well, we DEFINITELY do, which is why we’re hyped for the return of Pro Green to the lyrically charged banger mode!

Have recently signed to Relentless Records, Back On The Market airs the closet for the MC who’s had more than his fair share of runs with the Police, label issues….well, life issues! This is a no holds barred track, drawing a line in the sand, with Zdot providing the production for these seriously aggy and honest bars.

If this is anythign to go by then seriously watch out for Pro Green over the coming months, this is gonna be big! His EP is dropping this Autumn, and we’ll drop you more info as soon as we get it.