10 Questions: Foreign Interlood

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Images by Katie Cooper

Image by Katie Cooper

What’s good lovely people! We’re back at it again with another round of 10 Questions, keeping the questions light and loose to allow the contestants to get creative and expand with their answers. So! This time round we have Manchester based trio Foreign Interlood…

1. Contestant, what’s your name, chosen craft and where are you based?
We are Foreign Interlood we’re three musicians based in Manchester.

2. How would you describe your sound?
As of now we are hip-hop infused with Jazz and Soul. We would like to take our music in different directions in the future.

3. Who / what do you consider to be the biggest influence on your music?
As a group our biggest musical influences are the Fugees, Outkast, The Roots and so many more.

Melikz: Although I have many influences if I had to choose one I would say Lauren Hill because she is a down to earth singer/ rapper who is able to influence me as a black female artist and her music personally helps to motivate me on a personal level and as an artist in this modern day society.

Lupin: My biggest influence as a rapper would be Ghostface Killah because even in such a large collective of talented MC’s like Wu Tang Clan he still managed to forge his own sound independently and produce albums like Supreme Clientele that are unrivalled by any artist in hip-hop in my opinion. Another influence would definitely be Saul Williams who I can definitely relate to as someone who started as a poet and a lyricist.

Hitchhiker: My biggest influences would be MF DOOM, Earl Sweatshirt, Raekwon, Reijie Snow and Chester Watson. Along with Gorillaz, Darwin Deez, Mndsgn and Knxwledge. Because they’re all sick!

4. What’s the proudest moment to date for you as an artist?
Our proudest so far is being well received and being the support act for Saul Williams.

5. Do you have any advice for our readers who maybe trying to play the mad game of music?
If you’re gonna do the music be committed. Don’t be afraid to take outside input but ultimately do what is best to do for your own music.

Image by Katie Cooper

Image by Katie Cooper

6. Name 3 people you would love to work with and why?
Free Wize Men because they have a similar dynamic to us as a group and I think they would benefit from the addition of a female vocalist like Melikz.

Hiatus Kaiyote because they have unique sound and they would bring a lot of energy to our music.

Damon Albarn because of the way he works with other artists and different genres, he’s really inspiring.

7. What have you got planned for the not so distant future?
We’re creating an EP and plan to put out more videos.

8. What’s the album you’ve played more than any other?
Hitchiker – Darwin Deez’s self titled album
Melikz – Baduizm by Erykah Badu
Lupin – Strawberry Jam by Animal Collective

9. What’s the best concert you’ve ever been to? And where?
Melikz – I’ve not been to many, but Chance the Rapper was amazing
Lupin – When I saw Sun Ra’s Arkestra live at Band On the Wall there was an unparalleled energy to it that I’d never experienced during a show before

10. Name 3 things you can’t live without?
Music, food and water

Lastly, can you nominate another contestant and provide us with a question for them on your behalf?
We nominate Kid Katharsis an artist based in Manchester. He is a member of Cul-De- Sac.

Our question: ‘What style of music did you initially set out to create, and has it changed in any way?”‘

 Any last words/shoutouts?
Shout out to all the musicians in the Bare Noise crew and the teams that have supported us.

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