Bisk – Don’t Piss It Off! review

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Off the back of an inspired workrate, this year young wordsmith Bisk has proved difficult to ignore. After joining Blah Records in 2014, Bisk has had numerous features on Blah projects, the most notable being his viral Cult Of The Damned collaborations. However, since then Bisk has more than proven his worth as a solo artist, having dropped four solo mixtapes this year alone, starting with the release of his Raw Sh!t EP in February, 2016. These projects can be heard via:

On October 6th, Bisk released his latest project called ‘Don’t Piss It Off!’ – a 12 track cold-saggin’ spectacular which hosts fresh features from Sniff, Salar & Lee Scott amongst others. All the tracks were produced, recorded and mixed by Formz, a UK hip-hop veteran who worked with London Zoo in the early days. Since then he’s collaborated with loads of the Blah family, as well as the likes of Jehst and Trellion.

Frankly, there are few details regarding Bisk’s background that are yet made available to the public. We hear he’s from Walthamstow, in his early twenties and that he made Don’t Piss It Off! over the summer just gone. His rhymes have implied that he was previously incarcerated. Stinkin Slumrok claimed they were friends in school during an interview with Bearded Magazine. Bisks signing to Blah was partly a result of his affiliation with Slumrok, who dropped his Don Pong solo debut on Blah in 2014 – which Bisk featured on twice – the same year Bisk & Slumrok featured as part of Blah’s Cult Of A Damned posse, releasing their self-titled EP in November, 2014.

From the beginning, ‘Don’t Piss It Off’ is an eery listening experience. This is partly due to the disconcerting, enigmatic nature of Bisk’s rhymes, but mainly because of the dark, brooding instrumentation Formz used throughout the projects 12 track entirety. A diabolical mixture of rhythmic jazz chords and headbanging boombap tempos, the project is a demonstration of Formz’s productive abilities as much as it exemplifies Bisks lyrical finesse.

Through the projects 27 minute duration, each song lasts about two and a half minutes on average. Although each song is simple to comprehend on first listen, the listener is left fiending for more. For example, the title-track, DPIO– one of the most captivating anthems on the album, is an engrossing self-portrayal from Bisk over a busy background melody – lasting only a minute and a half before ending abruptly. It almost feels like Bisk is holding something back.

Amongst the most impressive aspects of the project are the collaborations. The first comes from Blah Records founder Lee Scott on Big City, a track that’s lyrically laced with the unnerving rappers dumbfoundingly clinical perspectives. Followed by the previously mentioned ‘DPIO’ track, afterwards drops the largest collaboration on the project, featuring Danny Lover, Salar & Sleazy F Baby. Needless to say, it’s a cult classic, a must listen. Bad Taste representative Sniff comes through on a sleazy tune called Beazy, before singer/songwriter Lyza makes a memorable, soulful feature on a bass heavy track called Jaded.

Although Don’t Piss It Off! leaves more questions than answers, the talent demonstrated is undeniable. Bisk is a problem. Not only is he consistent, his output is sky rocketing. If this continues in 2017, Bisk will undoubtedly be one to watch.

Don’t Piss It Off! is available now via’ Bandcamp:

Words by Ethan Everton