#WPAOTY 2016 – Panel & Results

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It’s that time!
We went from 14 seriously dope albums, to five, and NOW is the time to announce the winner. It’s hard to create a sense of tension on a written piece, BUT we have been so hyped to see how much everyone (as ever) has got behind #WPAOTY in 2016. It’s been an incredible year for UK hip-hop, with some brilliant music being created. Check out below how we worked out the decision from our panel of amazing DJs, promoters, apps and developers plus you and us!

SO….Wordplay Magazine’s Album Of The Year for 2016 is –


A massive congratulations to all of the finalists and nominees. It’s a seriously tough competition to be part of, and we love all of the albums. We’d pick 14 winners if we could! That said, all 14 are winners to us!

Ocean Wisdom will be receiving a laser cut Trophy at the start of 2017, alongside a bunch of merch, and of course a WHOLE bunch of well deserved love from the scene!

We’ll see you next year!!!!!


SO! Team Wordplay (the various individuals behind the magazine & site) put their heads together and debated for weeks over their favourite hip-hop albums from the UK. We have presented this list to you over the course of seven days and now it’s up to our panel to reduce the numbers further.

It’s time people!
HERE’S THE FIVE FINALISTS!!!! The winner will be announced at 8pm on Monday 19th December. A massive congratulations to all of our finalists, and to all of the artists who got selected as nominees. The UK has created some incredible albums this year, and it was a seriously hard choice.
They are…
Dabbla – Year Of The Monkey
Jungle Brown – Flight 314
Shay D – A Figure Of Speech
Coops – God Complex
Ocean Wisdom – Chaos ’93

How the decision was made:
This is the clever bit! Each of our panelists were asked for their top three albums. The albums were given points (5 for 1st, 3 for 2nd, 1 for 3rd). We added these together from Brapp, THTC, Boombap and Suspect Packages. Team Wordplay’s 28 members each did the same thing and their collective results were collated. The final element is YOU! We have been watching and logging how much support and buzz artists have been receiving. Now, this isn’t something that requires an army of PR teams and promoters, and this has been massively proven by the amount of support the artists have been getting across the board on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Our panel:
After a few years of public voting to determine the winner of our Album Of The Year, we decided to do things slightly differently for 2016. We listened to the artists and our own heads and agreed the best way to honour the music would be to have some well respected and knowledgeable individuals help us.



Raad & Pavan (Brapp TV)brapps

Brapp’s rapid rise to fame has been astounding. WIth a music collaboration platform offering vocalists and producer a like the opportunity to connect and build, these guys have been getting support across the globe, and have a really strong understanding of the UK scene, especially with the added fact that one of them is a member of Foreign Beggars! Get involved with Brapp TV here

Ivan & Alana Hepburn (Boombap Festival)bb-banner

Two crucial members of the crew behind BoomBap Festival. WIth both working tirelessly with artists to bring us the only hip-hop festival in the UK, when it comes to live music and crowd response nobody is placed better. Plus Boombap are responsible for taking many artists overseas as part of Outlook Festival, Amsterdam and several others, so they have a broad understanding of our scene beyond UK shores. We eagerly await their 2017 plans, keep locked to boombapfestival.co.uk

Gav (THTC)


The Hemp Trading Company started nearly 18 years ago, bringing ethical clothing to the UK. Starting back in 1999, THTC has a great tradition of supporting artists such as Rodney P, Sarah Love, Si Phili and recently BeatFox not to mention countless others. THTC has been immersed in hip hop culture since their origination. Check out their latest range here

Disorda (Suspect Packages/Kane FM)sp-banner

When considering our panel, Disorda was top of our list. Nobody has supported hip-hop in the UK more than this DJ, creator of Suspect Packages, and all round good egg! He is undoubtedly one of the UK’s finest. His knowledge of the scene and the music itself over the last 20 years is rivalled by none! Catch his regular Suspect Packages show here


Bookmark this page because over the next few days we will announce the final three and then the winner.

For the full list of all our nominees visit here