Leaf Dog – Dyslexic Disciple (Album Review)

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Tomorrow finally sees the hotly anticipated release of Leaf Dog’s Dyslexic Disciple, his second full length solo offering. A practiced artist knows how to take time over a project and Dyslexic Disciple is a prime example of this. Leaf’s last album From A Scarecrow’s Perspective was released back in 2011 and this time around he takes us on a new journey but still with that distinctive, passionate and familiar voice. From cussing out the arrogance he abhors (Big Egos) to nostalgia and love offered to his life (Today), Leaf Dog always brings honesty and realness in his bars.

But what really gives him the edge as an artist is the fact that he knows what he likes when it comes to the production side-of things. Partly self-produced, alongside link ups with regular contributors, the likes of Naive and Illinformed, Leafy’s beat selections are laden with soulful vocals and sun-drenched piano and drum samples. Songs like It’s On You and Good Times were made to be blasted on a sunny day; arms swinging, heads nodding and smiles beaming. The ever-growing legion of diehard High Focus fans are bound to be frothing at the mouth over the monster posse-cut The Legacy, whilst we’re equally as proud of Leafy for his staggering list of collaborative artists (Kool Keith anyone?)

No need to just take our word for it; pre-order your physical of Dyslexic Disciple from the HF website or if you’re on the digital tip, place your early orders here. If that’s not enough, catch Leaf Dog launching the album at Electric Brixton along with the entire HF roster (and some special guests) this Sunday.

Sophie Macaroni