Ten things you didn’t know: SonnyJim

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Since the 2006 release of ‘The Soul Trader EP’, SonnyJim has been a prominent face on the UK Hip-Hop scene, heading up the highly regarded EatGood Records label and smashing stage shows and freestyle battles for well over a decade.

The 2016 album Mud in My Malbec was undoubtedly one of the rap records of the year, and with Sonny at his creative best, we thought it was time to find out a little more about him. So here’s ten things you (probably) didn’t know about the Birmingham MC, as told by the man himself…

1. His first vinyl appearance was in 2004
“It was a feature on a EP by a guy called Alex Blood. The song was called Back Up. We never stayed in touch but it seems like he is still about – he’s the frontman in a funk band from what Google told me.” Available from Discogs

2. He can play the tabla
“Not just play it, I’m a don at it. So sick in fact, that when I started learning it the tabla master linked me with these drama people and I played in a band that did live music for different plays and theatre s**t. In the end it wasn’t really my bag so I left after a handful of shows.”

3. He won’t eat a burger with his hands
“Or a doughnut, or a pizza. Never. Or any food for that matter. I fucking hate getting my hands dirty.”

4. He’s sick at badminton
“I used to play all the time back in my ends but since moving to London I haven’t been on it. Trust me though, for a fat boy I be beastin’ on the court.”

5. He didn’t want to be a rapper
“I wanted to do interior design. Then one day I was listening to Skinny’s verse on the Mark B and Blade album and I realised I knew all the words. I started rapping the verse on some next instrumental and thought ‘rah, this sh*t is easy, let me try my own words’.”

6. He’s never done the house work
“I’ve never done the hoovering or washed a dish in my life, swear down. Peace to all the good women around me.”

7. He was once set up to battle Pro Green
“It was in front of like five thousand people, no prep, in some big fuck off stadium at a Mike Skinner concert. He did his little rap, they loved it, and when I got the mic I didn’t even get a bar in. They just started booing man! Then the host snatched my mic. I’ve been crying ever since.”

8. He nearly did a track with Ed Sheeran
“Seriously, it nearly happened. Then I thought ‘nah this guy’s a bit shit. I still don’t like his music, but I’d love to do a song with him now, maybe we can get Adele to do the hook…”

9. He did a song with Chopper Reade
“He’s dead now, but he was a badman. He killed 30 people. He did a rap album called ‘Interview with a madman’, and at the time I’d just finished a tour in Australia and my boy Wayne Lotek got me on the record. The album is very sh*t.”

10. He cooks a mean ragu
“I’m talking serious business, an all day slow cooker ting. A lot of people think I’m involved in food because of the references in my music, but I’m not. I don’t really cook, but every now and then on a sunday, I get busy in the kitchen. They just featured my ragu recipe over at 


Words by Freddie Harding