Juga-Naut: Six Bricks EP

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Nottingham and UKHH go together like cheese and boards. The city is synonymous with some of the country’s most respected lyricists and beat makers who have become household names. Of these Juga-Naut may not be the first that springs to mind, but having collaborated with the likes of Scorzayzee and Cappo for the best part of 10 years there’s no doubt he deserves his place amongst this elite crowd.

His latest EP Six Bricks sees him join forces with Micall Parknsun, who produces five of the six tracks as well as featuring on the opening track, 40 Acres. It opens the EP in an uncompromising fashion and is followed by the Beat Butcha produced Gametime. The Butcha provides us with a rather dreamy number although Juga-Naut sounds anything but on it. Now you may think a swagger is somewhat of a prerequisite of a hip hop emcee but bravado is often not backed up with anything of substance. Here Juga-Naut is confident and assured, proudly declaring;

“I still care about lyrics, I still care about lyrics, I care about craftsmanship and I care about spirit”.

The sentiment is evident throughout the EP as Juga-Naught brings in Cappo, Vandal Savage, Tommy Nova and Sorzayzee on Gaudi-Gang and The Juice respectively as Six Bricks serves as a gentle reminder of Nottingham’s pride of place on the UKHH map.

Joe Laflin