Children Of Zeus Interview

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Children Of Zeus have been making some serious moves within the Uk and beyond of late, and finally the dup are preparing their debut album, which we’re serious excited about at Wordplay Towers! We checked in with the duo to see what they’ve been getting up to and what’s on the horizon. 
How’s 2017 going so far?
Things are building, We just released our second official single as Children of Zeus – I Cant Wait/ Don’t Say a Word and we’ve been busy up and down the country doing shows and trying to find time to record some more music. Tyler is about to be exposed to a whole new audience as he’s all over Goldie’s new album so things are moving and we’re constantly getting new fans every day hit us up which is more than we could ask for. 

The singles you’ve been dropping sound amazing! When’s the album being released?
Thank you! It’s the one thing we constantly get asked. Time is a real struggle for us; we’re not kids any more and the unfortunate reality is music doesn’t take priority over other commitments. We might see each other twice a month so trying to get an album finished isn’t something that will happen overnight. Unless someone throws enough money for us to sit in a studio for a few weeks, it may take longer than everyone hopes. It will be worth the wait though 

Manchester has been releasing some great new talent recently. How are you finding the local scene? 
We’ve both been around under various musical guises for a long time and when we formed COZ, the Soul/ Hip Hop scene was really dead and D&B/Grime/Bass music was killing it. There were a few making similar music to us but not much more than on a local level. Thankfully there seems to be lots of younger musicians doing big things on a similar vibe to us and there’s a little soulful scene emerging. 
Crown is much more of a traditional lyrical Hip Hop track than some of your previous tracks, including Still standing. What kind of sound can we expect from the album? Any features or producers that you can tell us about?!
We really didn’t think anyone would like Crown that much. It was just to get some shit off our chest but it ended up being a lot of people’s favourite COZ track which was surprising and lets us know we don’t have to stick to one formula. The album will probably be similar to what you’ve already heard from us but we don’t pre-plan any sound. We produce everything ourselves and really only fuck with outside production if it’s something we can’t do already. Saying that if we could get a beat off Madlib/MNDSGN/Knxwledge etc we would snap that up in an instant!

You’ve been supporting a wide array of artists live. Have you got a favourite gig to date? 
We’ve done some big shows but one of the highlights was a pretty small jam in our home town that we put on when the first single had just come out and everyone was singing along; that meant a lot to us. Outside of that we did a couple of surprise walk on gigs with Yussef Kamaal! The Manchester show was vibes. Then a couple days later they announced they were splitting up which was a real shame as we’d love to work with them again
What’s your plans for this summer? Many festivals on the horizon? 
Summer is just trying to get this album on the way. We are doing Soundwave, Outlook, Trajections etc but we still aren’t on the radar to a lot of promotors. We’re patient but if they don’t hurry up soon they won’t be able to separate the blue M&Ms fast enough. 
You mentioned you’re playing Outlook this year. Are there any artists you’re particularly looking forward to seeing perform? 
We never really check the line up of these things until we get there. Outlook is an excuse to be with hundreds of other Mancunians in the sunshine and end up wherever the crowd takes us. It’s such a good festival that no matter where you end up there’s something dope going on on stage. 

You’re signed to First Word. How are you finding being on a label and what do you feel are the advantages of artists signing when so many releases are now fully independent?
DJ Gilla is the head honcho over there. Good guy to work with. Once it was announced we were putting records out with them a lot of people congratulated us and said it’s good home for our music so we knew then it was a good label to be with. As we mentioned earlier; time isn’t something we have a lot of so we can just about manage to make music but we definitely don’t have time to push it out there or press vinyl like a label would. I think in an ideal world we’d have time and money to make music and release it ourselves but for now most of our listeners probably wouldn’t even hear our music if it wasn’t on a label. 
Can you suggest 3 artists that our readers should be checking out? 
Well 3 from Manchester we’d recommend are DRS, LayFullStop & Levelz. Outside of Manchester, Conway, Mndsgn & M9
Are you guys on the vinyl or digital vibe?! What are you finding you’re steering towards when you’re listening to music?
Tyler is on a Children of Zeus/Tyler vibe so not too many outside influences! Konny is the total opposite. Still buys lots of new/old vinyl. And constantly listening to Spotify/podcasts/blogs for new stuff
Finally, is there anyone you’d like to shout out? 
Just everyone who has ever supported us in any way. From record buyers, to promotors, the people who share all our music on social media, the DJs and everyone who spends hard earned money coming out to our shows. We love you all!
Interview by Vice beats