Renegade Brass Band – Totems (Review)

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Sheffield based collective, Renegade Brass Band are back once again with their latest album Totems.

Consisting of 8 horns, 2 percussionists, a scratch DJ and an MC, this 12-piece hip-hop collective certainly know how to capture the unmissable, electrifying energy from their live shows and compose it into a sophomore studio album.

Packing punchy rhythms and a tight brass, Totems delivers the perfect blend of hip-hop, funk and jazz. Stand out tracks from the album include Vicarious Visions and Torches and Pitchforks, echoing sounds of Capdown, Rage Against the Machine and Hot 8 Brass Band combined.

Whilst trying to avoid a cliché review, it’s really hard to deny RBB’s latest album Totems is perfect for this year’s summer playlist.

Renegade Brass Band once again prove they are one’s to look out for with this release, whilst continuing to lay the path of success for other brass band collectives across the UK.

Totems is available now on limited edition CD, vinyl and digitally via Bandcamp.

Review by Abi Lewis