Ramson Badbonez & DJ Fingerfood – Hypnodic

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Few domestic labels have as much clout or an ear for adding talent to their roster as High Focus. We could spend ages reeling through the list of names but let’s get straight to the point in hand! After enticing the underground workhorse that is Ramson Badbonez to drop his conceptual colloborative project with Charlie Mac on their imprint a few years back, Badbonez has re-surfaced to follow up A Year In The Life Of Oscar The Slouch with his brand-spanking new release, Hypnodic. This time around, he’s teamed up with Squared Roots head-honcho DJ Fingerfood to set the backdrop for him to weave his raw and gritty verbal tapestry over.

For heads in the know, Badbonez has been grafting within the scene for an absolute age and will be accustomed to his signature hard-hitting delivery. To that extent, Hypnodic doesn’t deliver any surprises. Don’t get it twisted though, he’s still “greazy like graffiti on these London streets” – perhaps even more so than ever. From front to back, he attacks each beat as if it’s the last one he’ll bless; with his complex and intricate wordplay taking us deep into his psyche and surrounding environments.

The other element to the project that impresses the most is Fingerfood’s prowess behind the buttons. To put it crudely; the beats bang. Hard. Whilst the melodies and samples vary throughout, the foundation of the album is built on his ridiculously heavy drum loops. We were reaching for the neck brace about 30 seconds into the second track and by the time we reached the Gadget assisted Sideways, we’d been signed off work with concussion.

Sometimes joint releases don’t deliver and one of the artists outshines or overshadows the other. This definitely isn’t one of those instances. Both Badbonez and Fingerfood knew what they needed to provide and in turn, well and truly delivered. Dope beats, stellar verbals; what more could you ask for? If you’ve got any common sense then make sure you cop Hypnodic now. If you’d prefer to indulge in something a little more physical, then head over to the High Focus store.