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Yes, yes folks. The weekend might seem like a distant memory but fear not; we’re on hand to help! Here at Wordplay HQ, our focus has always been to champion great music in any shape or form and if we’re able to offer you something exclusive in the process, it makes it just that little bit better.

After a near ten year hiatus, CARPETFACE is back with a metaphorical bang on his second feature-length project, Cognitive Diss. Having been almost three years in the making, it oozes that old-school, feel good Hip Hop sound; with infectious hooks, crisp beats and intricate wordplay at the core yet managing to maintain an unquestionable freshness about it.

We could waffle on about how deep he’s delved lyrically, how he’s crafted a project that heads off in twelve very different directions whilst being just as powerful as a complete release but we’d much rather let you indulge in the album a few days before the rest of the world gets to hear it!

If you want to learn more about the man behind the mic, keep your eyes out for his 10 Questions feature later this week. The album drops digitally via NEWBIAS Records on the 21st July (this Friday!) and on 12″ vinyl through B-Line Recordings. To find out more, be sure to visit CARPETFACE’s website & Bandcamp

But before all of that – here it is! The official Wordplay Magazine exclusive pre-release stream in full of Cognitive Diss. Enjoy!