YOGOCOP TAKEOVER – Day 2 – Yogocop Competition

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We’re back at it again! It’s day two of the Yogocop Records Takeover of Wordplay Magazine.

This week (you lucky lot!) we have for you –
Day 1 – 10/07 – Yogocop x Wordplay cypher (Video)
Day 2 – 11/07 – An exclusive goody bag competition rammed full of rare and sold out Yogo goodness!
Day 3 – 12/07 – The exclusive video premiere for Bennadict – Bullet Boy
Day 4 – 13/07 – The full stream of Bennadict’s forthcoming album
Day 5 – 14/07 – Another edition of Wordplay’s Just Jammin’ series, this time with Bennadict
Day 6 – 15/07 – Exclusive Interviews with the whole Yogo crew! Like….all of them!
Day 7 – 16/07 – A Best of Yogocop mix
Day 8 – We sleep!

Today is competition day. That lovely Yogo gang have got a WHOLE heap of goodness to get you guys feeling like you’re part of the family. However, this does not mean you can pop round Mr.Slipz house for a cuppa! Comprende?!

SO! Here’s what’s up for grabs……


The mad tasty prize is:

1 X Yogosport T-shirt
1 X Wundrop ‘The X-Brain Yo Yo Tape CD
1 X Harvs & KLB ‘Leanworks’ CD
1 X Nuphzed ‘Dreebalicious’ CD
1 X Team Dreebs ‘Vol.2’ CD
1 X Benaddict ‘Feelin’ So High’ 7″ (SOLD OUT!)
7 X 1 Of each of the 7″ series- (ALL SOLD OUT!)
The rules:
Entrants must Like & Share the post on Wordplay’s FB & Tag 3 friends who would be interested in YGC!

The deadline:

Monday 17th July at 12pm.

It’s that simple!
We’ll see you tomorrow.
WP out! (insert firms emoji here!)