YOGOCOP TAKEOVER – Day 7 – Best Of Yogocop Records mix by Tom Yum

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Aw yeh! Day 7 of the Yogocop tremendously dope Yogocop Records takeover of Wordplay Towers! It’s been madness up in here with so much exclusive content that we don’t know what to do with ourselves!

AND! we’ve got some news! There will be now be 1 extra day added to the Wordplay x Yogo takeover! We won’t tell you what it is until tomorrow, but we promise (and you already know!) it’ll be amazing!

This week (you lucky lot!) we have for you –
Day 1 – 10/07 – Yogocop x Wordplay cypher (Video)
Day 2 – 11/07 – An exclusive goody bag competition rammed full of rare and sold out Yogo goodness!
Day 3 – 12/07 – The exclusive video premiere for Bennadict – Bullet Boy
Day 4 – 13/07 – The full stream of Bennadict’s forthcoming album
Day 5 – 14/07 – Another edition of Wordplay’s Just Jammin’ series, this time with Bennadict
Day 6 – 15/07 – Exclusive Interviews with the whole Yogo crew! Like….all of them!
Day 7 – 16/07 – A Best of Yogocop mix
Day 8 – We sleep!

Today is no different, and we have an EXCLUSIVE guest mix, featuring the best of Yogo from the team’s very own Tom Yum. He has a jam on those 1s and 2s and has ensured that they’ll be some SERIOUS headnodding business for an hour! Whilst you’re there be sure to check the Benaddict Garden Of England mini-mix and of course the Wordplay Podcast’s with Vice beats.

And here’s what you’ve been listening / will be listening to – 
Benaddict ft. BellaSoul (prod. Mr Slipz) – Feelin’ So High

illiterate & NuphZed (prod. Simiah) – Flies
Concept Of Thought (prod. Mr Slipz & Bo Bribery) – Innerpeace
Wundrop ft. Ash The Author (prod. Wundrop) – The Potion
Harvs & Vitamin G (prod. Remulak, cuts by JabbaThaKut) – Snap Your Neck
illiterate, NuphZed & Benaddict (prod. illiterate) – Golden Days
Mr Slipz – Fennel Tea
Terry Tonks – Got Blunts?
Bo Bribery – Sliders
M.KOZI – Rustle
illiterate – OGC
NuphZed (prod. IN-FACT) – Highly Suspicious
NuphZed & illiterate (prod. M.KOZI, cuts by Tom Yum) – 2 Sips Of Lech
Harvs & KLB – Get Lost
Benaddict & illiterate (prod. Cloud9) – Slow Down
illiterate & NuphZed (prod. Joe Corfield) – Vices
NuphZed (prod. NuphZed) – Breddaz
Kemastry (prod. Hank Hiller) – Slowly Slippin’
Wundrop (prod. Wundrop) – Pipelines
Onetzu & Awfer (prod. illiterate) – Chrysanthemum
illiterate (prod. Mr Slipz) – Feverish Atonements
illiterate (prod. J Maxfield) – Feverish Atonements Remix
Pertrelli (prod. illiterate) – The Usual
Hank Hiller – Nada
Harvs & KLB (feat. Chung) – Birdseye
Benaddict (prod. Mr Slipz) – Muppets Remix
Concept Of Thought (prod. Tom Yum) – Methods
Benaddict (prod. M.KOZI) – Stainers
Concept Of Thought & Benaddict (prod. Cloud9) – I Had A Dreeb
Benaddict & NuphZed (prod. Mr Slipz, cuts by Tom Yum) – Make Way

Benaddict (prod. Cloud9) – YGC Outro

Big ups gang, we’ll see you tomorrow for the bonus takeover day!!!!