YOGOCOP TAKEOVER – Day 1 – Yogocop X Wordplay Cypher

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A year on from Soundsci’s takeover, Wordplay HQ once again has been overrun with a group of motley musicians, who’s musical talent is so undeniable that we had to offer them a cuppa and stick around for a week!

SO! This is the YOGOCOP RECORDS takeover of Wordplay Magazine! We’re super hyped, we have a whole bag of exclusive content, competitions and generally good stuff for you this week to get you finding out a little more about one of the UK’s finest exports of recent years.

The label consists of –
NuphZed, Hank Hiller, Wun Drop, Mr Slipz, Bo Bribery, Harvs & KLB, Terry Tonks & Tom Yum

This week (you lucky lot!) we have for you –
Day 1 – 10/07 – Yogocop x Wordplay cypher (Video)
Day 2 – 11/07 – An exclusive goody bag competition rammed full of rare and sold out Yogo goodness!
Day 3 – 12/07 – The exclusive video premiere for Bennadict – Bullet Boy
Day 4 – 13/07 – The full stream of Bennadict’s forthcoming album
Day 5 – 14/07 – Another edition of Wordplay’s Just Jammin’ series, this time with Bennadict
Day 6 – 15/07 – Exclusive Interviews with the whole Yogo crew! Like….all of them!
Day 7 – 16/07 – A Best of Yogocop mix
Day 8 – We sleep!

Today! DAY 1!!!
Well! What a fine way to start proceedings, we have an exclusive cypher from the Yogo gang, pottering around places in Brighton, doing random stuff, spilling drinks and doing some of the those fine raps that they do rather well! LET”S DO THIS!!!!…..