10 Questions – Lady Chann

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What’s good lovely people! We’re back at it again with another round of 10 Questions –  keeping the questions light and loose to allow the contestants to get creative and expand with their answers. This time around, Jess caught up with Lady Chann…

How does it feel to be representing all the ladies in Grime across the UK?

It’s feel good to obviously rep ladies to show that we are able to be as good and in some cases better than some of the males. It feels good in general just for me to do my thing; rep myself and be appreciated full stop. So that’s pretty genderless to be honest!

Do you feel there’s a female presence missing from the underground music scene and if so, what can we do to change that? 

Well I don’t know if I’m honest – the positions are there to be filled, they just have to apply! Hahaha!

How did you discover your love of music and passion to perform?

It’s by default. My dad is from Exodus Sound System; a big Reggae sound system. A few years after leaving Jamaica as a young boy, he came to England and joined up with them in his teenage years. I grew up seeing crates of records, him touring and doing his thing. Even though my parents broke up, my mum is an avid Reggae lover and has TONS of vinyl and played throughout the house, especially on Sundays where she played a lot of Revival. So, I had no choice to do what I’m doing!

Who was your first musical role model?

Bounty Killer, Bernie Man, Patra, Capleton, Lady Saw, Vybz Kartel, Merciless, Madonna, Lauryn Hill, Michael Jackson… could go on but yeah you get my drift? The greats basically in any genre I was privy to watch, and experience.

Which album changed your life?

Michael Jackson ‘Bad’ – that was nothing short of EPIC to be honest.

If you could give your younger self advice, what would it be?

Beware of these boys! Hahahaha! Don’t listen to a word they say. I would have definitely made wiser decisions if I did … but oh well! LIFE!!!

What’s your proudest achievement to date?

I’ve had a few, I’ve been so lucky to work with the top artists in the scene and being acknowledged by them. Travelling nearly completely around the whole world performing. Sharing the stage with Beanie Man. Getting two critical acclaims, one from The NME and one from The Guardian. There a few that I sit there and have to pinch myself and say ‘Really Chann? Little you yeah?’ So yeah! Hope there’s more to come.

What do you like to do in your ‘me’ time?

I’m a Mum – what is me time? Hahahaha! But I’m normally TV watching, chasing my four-year-old around, I have an older daughter that doesn’t need to be chased now (thank God) but still does my head in! Just being as lazy as possible, eating in bed whilst watching TV, catching up with a few mates. Nothing major. I need to incorporate way more holiday I think though because I love the sun and lounging by the pool … I get to do it at times when I get to go to certain destinations with bookings; although it’s nice, I still have to work whilst I’m there.

What’s set on your horizon for the rest of 2017?

Who knows? I can’t predict that. Just whatever I happen to do is what I do, so let’s see.

Finally, could you nominate another artist you believe is set for big things? 

Hmmmm…. that’s a hard one, I’m probably not as always looped in who the next new comer is as such to be honest…I could name a bunch of producers though like Audio Slugs, Show & Prove. Their production is fire so watch out!

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