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I first heard Sounds Of Harlowe at the XLR Festival in Bristol in 2014. A friend of friend had recommended them, so without hearing them live I booked them, and they were AMAZING! At the time they only had one track on their Soundcloud, and they had a certain air of mystery about them. Fronted by formed Wordplay Magazine Amplify artist of the month – Solomon OB, the band have an infectious energy when they perform. Think Mouse Outfit, Nubiyan Twist, Smoove & Turrell etc.

In late 2015 they released “Games We Play”, a lovely soulful joint featuring the group’s former vocalist Melise Djemal.

Since their humble beginnings, they’ve been steadily smashing stages, and evolving from support to headline act. In 2016 they released their Change Of Disposition EP which was celebrated with a mini-tour that had electric, almost tangible energy on every date.

SO, onto the here and now, and with great pleasure Wordplay are hyped to present the exclusive video premiere of Sounds Of Harlowe’s brand new video – Flow So! Here’s Chris, SOH’s Saxophonist and backing vocalist, to tell us more about the concept of the video:

“The title of our EP (Change Of Disposition) is referencing how moving to Bristol affected our sound and songwriting in general. The video concept for Flow So was to represent this by cruising around Bristol, filming in interesting locations, as well as filming at gigs and festivals we booked as a result of us adopting Bristol as our new hometown, and literally going with the flow.”

As ever, we don’t like to talk toooo much about these kinda things, as we prefer the visuals and music to do the talking, so without further-ado here is the premiere of Sounds Of Harlowe – Flow So….

Track info: 

All music written and recorded by Sounds Of Harlowe with special thanks to: Nino D’Angelo, Stefan Goodwin and Liam Cooper for extra sounds.Mixed, produced and mastered by Jamie Aubrey and Nathan Evans 

Video info: 
Director Of Photography – Jack Edwards
Find SOH everywhere! ….
Written by James Kennaby (Vice beats)