Venom – Ruff N Tuff (review)

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(In my opinion) Venom is the best. I’ve been saying this for ages, and while the many other Venom productions were enough proof already, with Ruff N Tuff – his first solo production album – we have the golden goose, and it’s a monster! The cover art is amazing and sets the scene for the album’s theme which is Hardcore hip-hop (and nostalgia for classic 80’s video games/movies)…

Venom is a Parisian producer who makes that ‘hairs standing up’ banging kind of hip-hop that causes you to meanmug, turn it up louder and realise how heavy this music can actually be. Sharp Premoesque scratches and there’s features from US underground mainstays The Legion, MED, Camp Lo, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Bankai fam members, Conway, Shadez of Brooklyn and more. The album title track with Rah Digga is bananas and Marquee’s track Cut The Line also comes hard. 2017 has been a great year for international hip-hop and Ruff N Tuff is going straight to the top of a lot of greatest album lists for sure.

Words by Esh (IBMCS)